Wednesday, March 7, 2012

After a Long Absence Altered Composition Journal

Lately so much has been going on - work, family crises (yes, plural), and visiting relatives - that my creations have been on the back burners. For stress relief, I've been working on little projects here and there, and as time has permitted I've also been working on my other blog . I've also been taking more time to focus on my health, joining a gym to help me lose the 26 pounds I've put on the past 2 years (I've been sitting a lot at work! and for more than 8 hours a day most days), and I've been going an average, 3 times per week. This doesn't seem to be enough to shed the pounds though. No weight loss yet, but I have noticed an increase in strength! I've also been sick a few times this year, and it has forced me to rest more than I'm used to, which leaves so much less time for all that I'd like to do. On top of these things, I've also been taking some time to learn about therapeutic essential oils and have become a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils (contact me if you'd like to learn more or become a distributor - or enter my #1307904 if you'd choose to sign up!). I've been also taking more time to soul search and spend time in the Bible and I have been journaling again...Wow, no wonder I've been resting so much!
So, here's one of my creations from December - My first altered journal!

with added "hinges"

pockets on back cover

backside with logo

So, it has been a while, but I think I'm ready to spend 1 day a week blogging...I'd so much like to keep up!

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