Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Creative Adventure With My Brother, Zee

So, my youngest brother came to me for some creative counsel, wanting to make a t-shirt to wear to a basketball game he is playing in with the Kinesiology Club at one of our local community colleges. Why make and not purchase? Because it would be about $10 dollars cheaper to make. Bonding time was an added plus! He purchased some dark tee shirt transfers from Walmart, a black tee from Hobby Lobby (yay! for 40% off coupon!), and according to his ink readout from his inkjet printer, the use of ink was minimal. Here is the fruit of our labor:

What is Rainbow Dash? In case you hadn't heard (and until a couple of months ago, I hadn't) The My Little Ponies of yester-year have been totally revamped! My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is an animated show that teens, female and male, and even adults are becoming avid fans of - including my brother. Surprisingly, the show emphasizes a lot of values like teamwork, kindness, friendship, clean humor, etc. I do admit, some of it has made me laugh. Okay, enough admitting for one day.

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